Issue 107

Technical & Educational Articles /

There are hundreds of informative articles from the past 50 issues of ASM, many of which are available here for PDF reading and download. A million thank yous to the wonderful authors! This page will grow and grow!

Atmonauti Explained by the creators Marco & Gigliola

Hard Housings on Main Risers Not Fool Proof by Mike Gruwell
"What's Stopping You" Brake Systems by John Chapman

Feel the Strings Series by Robbie McMillan 
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Formation Skydiving
Crux 4-way the Hard Way Blocks 8 & 9

Introducing Freestyle by Naomi Adam
Freestyle Part 3 by Naomi Adam

Hard Pull BOC
A Series of Incidents looked at by John Chapman

Parachute Openings
Body Position for Helping your Canopy Open Better by Scott Miller

Parachute Collapses
Dealing with your Parachute in Turbulence by Brian Germaine
Atmospheric Turbulence & Ram Air Parachutes by Scott Miller

Parachute Downsizing
Checklist by Bill von Novak

Parachute Wingloading
Loading up your Canopy by John Chapman

Psychological Articles
Stay Calm - Controlling Flight or Flight Responses by Brian Skyy
Sport Psychology by Nik Kotlarov
Learning From the Past by JIm Crouch

Pheonix Suit & Canon Camera

Star Crests
Tips & Tricks by Alan Moss

Classic Discipline Explained by Vladimir Milosavijevic

Judging Grid by Neil Fergie

You can find many more articles on the APF website:

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