Issue 107

/ ISSUE 100 /

Special 100th Anniversary Edition


  • Editorial
  • Virus Alert
  • John ‘Cookie’ Cook
  • APF Direction
  • Steepening the Curve - 20 Years of Freeflying
  • Profile – The Onises
  • Australian & NZ Nationals
  • Two Smart Cookies
  • Jyro Boogie 2020
  • Profile – Luci Martyn
  • Flying the Curve – 20 Years of Wingsuiting
  • Profile – The Smiths
  • Safety Matters
  • Blowing the Curve – A Tale About Two Wind Tunnels
  • Profile – The Other Smiths
  • MS Exposed - Nude Skydiving
  • No Shit There I Was...
  • Profile – Faye Cox
  • Profile – Claude Gillard
  • Guess Who?
  • Profile – The McEvoys
  • Ring The Bell
  • Then & Now
  • ASM Magazine Covers

/ ISSUE 50 /

Special 50th Anniversary Edition



  • History of the APF
  • Original ASM - The Birth of a Magazine
  • Rambling On & On
  • Directors Direction
  • Timeline of Competitions & Records
  • Alvin Purple - An X rated Adventure for Skydiving
  • Jean Burns - Australia's First Female Skydiver
  • Girls on Top - Australia's Exceptional Female Skydivers
  • A Brief History on Sport Parachutes
  • The Roo Club
  • The Military & The APF
  • The Origins of Freefall Photography
  • POPS Australia & The APF
  • Harnessing the Enthusiasm - Tandems in Australia
  • Safety Matters
  • Drop Zone Dayz
  • Ring the Bell - Life Members
  • Drop Zone Directory

View the Online Magazine

View these feature articles:
The History of the APF by Claude Gillard
Timeline of Competitions & Records by Fiona McEachern
A Brief History of Sport Parachutes by Robbie McMillan
The Origins of Freefall Photography by Shane Sparkes


ASM Australian Skydiver Magazine

It's the 50th anniversary of Sport Skydiving in Australia and it's the 50th Issue of ASM! To celebrate, the landmark issue will be the biggest ever - 124 pages of special edition! Take a trip down memory lane, enjoy fantastic articles, plot along timelines...

Happy 50th APF

Issue 50 due out 20th of May, 2010. 

History of APF

/ ISSUE 50 / History of the APF

Spanning 5 decades by the one and only Claude Gillard, APF President for Life


History of Parachutes

/ ISSUE 50 / A Brief History of Sport Parachutes in Australia

From the parachutes humble origin as an escape mechanism from burning balloons to cross braced canopies as small as 37sq. feet, the evolutionary process has been an adventurous journey for parachutists across Australia and throughout the world. By Robbie McMillan


/ ISSUE 50 / Australia's First Female Skydiver

The story of Jean Burns by Kelly Brennan and Greg Weir


/ ISSUE 50 / The Origins of Freefall Photography

Picture this... a fantastic portrayal by one of the masters, Shane Sparkes


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