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Issue 92


  • WPC - Our Aussie Team
  • 1st FAI World Canopy Piloting Freestyle & 7th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships
  • 35th FAI World Parachuting Championships in Freefall Style & Accuracy
  • 2nd FAI World Wingsuit Flying Championship
  • Aussie Assault Vertical World Record Attempts
  • Bowen Bigway Boogie
  • Foot Fetish & Downunder Dynamics 5 Combined
  • S.A. State Skydiving Championships
  • Tropical Froth Canopy Course
  • Safety Matters
  • Crash Course
  • The Holes in the Cheese Take Aim
  • Losing Focus
  • Aussie Bigways Road to 150-Way
  • Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships
  • Don Cross Profile
  • Jack Milne - A Pioneering Professional Skydiver
  • Ring The Bell
  • DZ Directory
p>3Skydive OzCaravan on the Coast
p>38 Phoenix Wingsuit Camp
p>40 Atmonauti World Record - Dubai
p>45 Perris Kings & Queens
p>49 Star Power
p>53 Safety Matters
p>56 What is designed to save you,
can kill you, if you let it.
p>59 Qld State Champs
p>62 When Gravity Attacks
p>64 Meet the Flockers
p>70 Kids Skydiving Birthday Party
p>72 Book Review
p>74 Parapenalia
p>77 DZ Dayz
p>80 Ring the Bell
p>82 DZ Directory
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