Issue 100


ASM is supportive of the old and the new generations of skydivers and contributors. You don't have to be super experienced to write an article or send in your photos, everybody is welcome and encouraged. Though we are looking up to the super experienced to offload some of their wisdom in the form of technical and education articles.

While we don't want to limit your creativity, there are some limits to length of articles and number of photos etc.

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Feature Articles

Each issue there is a couple of feature articles. These can be between 3 and 9 pages long depending on the quality of the article ie. it's content and photos plus the significance and relevance. While the mission is to have the majority of ASM as Australian content, feature articles can have an international focus, ideally with Aussie involvement.

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Event Reports

State and National Championships - please be sure to provide all the team names with each member and team photo. State Champs would usually receive about 1 - 2 pages per State Champs, so please provide 300 to 500 words. Nationals would usually receive 2 - 6 pages coverage, so please provide 500 - 1000 words. Please also provide small Profiles on winning individuals and teams and where possible short stories and quotes from teams and competitors.

World Championships - please provide all the Australian team members names and photos, with a small profile on each and where possible short stories and quotes from teams and competitors. Please also provide 2 - 4 destination photos to use in the design.

Boogies - please write about the new people or planes and describe the innovative jumps happening. Please add anything technical and be creative with your writing style so as not to be "just another boogie article". What made your boogie stand out? 

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Interviews & Profiles

There are many great personalities in the Australian jumping scene and ideally one of them is interviewed per issue. Interviews and profiles can be between 1 and 5 pages depending on the calibre of the person and how into it the interviewer wants to get. Please provide up to 800 words max and 20 photos.

Jump Pigs - there are a number of people who have made 10,000 jumps, which is a huge achievement, and credit should be given to these people. There are plenty of these people on the list, if you know and love one of them, please take it upon yourself to run them. 

Shining Stars, The Belle of the Boogie, The Next Generation - it's not just about the oldies or the mega experienced. The up-and-coming jumpers are equally worthy of an interview. Don't be shy.

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Regular Features

Drop Zone Dayz - Usually half page to 2 pages in length. We don't want to hear about the weather, we do wan't to read something with substance, so please supply a light hearted account of what's been happening in your neck of the woods. Preference given to those drop zones who don't regularly contribute. Maximum 8 photos.

Ring the Bell, DZ Directory, Safety Matters, Directors Direction - are all supplied by the APF and it's Directors.

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Technical & Educational Articles

The APF and particularly Kim Hardwick supply many of ASM's informative articles. There are a million and one topics to cover because there are so many facets of skydiving.

If you have a good knowledge of an aspect that people can learn from, please put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and do a great service to the community.

If you are no good at writing but believe an aspect should be covered, please let us know and we'll endeavour to make it happen.

If you read a fantastic educational article elsewhere, please ask the author for permission to reprint it in ASM.

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Whether you have a snap shot to go in Parapenalia or a show-stopping Cover Shot or a series of sensational photographs, we all want to see it!

Please name each photo file as the caption and also send a detailed list of captions with the photos. 

Front Cover - A4, Portrait format. Must be supplied as high resolution, unedited, original photo file. Can be supplied as RAW format (preferred) or JPG. 

Back Cover - A4, portrait or landscape format. Must be supplied as high resolution, unedited, original photo file. Can be supplied as RAW format (preferred) or JPG. 

Pictorial Spreads - Please only supply your best 20 photos. Must be supplied as high resolution, unedited, original photo file. Can be supplied as RAW format (preferred) or JPG. 

Boogie/Event Spread - Please only supply the best photos ie. do not send a disc with every single photo. Please separate your favourite photos that you would like to be the "hero shots" ie. larger featured photos. Do not send more than 60 photos for any one event article.

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