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Issue 88

ASM Australian Skydiver Magazine

ASM is a vibrant magazine showcasing the fabulous sport of skydiving, it's spirited people, it's variety of disciplines, it's sensational events and the 70+ drop zones around Australia.

All Members of the Australian Parachute Federation who hold a current Sporting Licence and 'A' Licence automatically receive the ASM as part of their annual membership.

Non APF members can subscribe to the ASM online.

Many technical articles are published in the interests of safety and education, and past issues can be downloaded from the ASM Online Archives.

ASM is the people's mag and is based on contributions from the skydiving community. The mag is always after input and ideas, please feel free to contribute:

  • author a technical article or series of articles
  • start your own column
  • report on a competition, boogie or event
  • send in your Drop Zone Dayz story and photos
  • submit a cover shot or photographic pictorial
  • send in fun snap shots, notables and quotes for Parapenalia
  • submit photos for Ouch! 
  • write a poem
  • tell us your first jump story or about your course for The Blue Room
  • scare us with your No Shit There I Was story
  • inform the masses of new equipment or advancements
  • enlight us with some tips and traps
  • interview or profile a 10,000 Jump Pig

Go to the ASM Online Archives for the origins of ASM including the original ASM of the 60s and 70s, followed by 20 years of Rambling On magazine.

You can also leave your classifieds on this website free of charge, if you have skydiving equipment or accessories for sale.


Issue 88


  • APF Contacts
  • C17 Ladies Day
  • C17 Legacy Day
  • Rel Week Boogie
  • Downunder Dynamics
  • Focus Australian Vertical Record
  • Jump Run for Wingsuits
  • CAY Boogie
  • Profile - Graeme Windsor
  • Aussie Big-way Road to 150-way
  • Advanced Oz Big-way Skills Camp, Skydive Nagambie
  • Safety Matters
  • R.I.P. Andrew Whitten
  • iFly Supports the Vertical Records
  • NSW & ACT State Champs
  • QLD State Champs
  • On the Air
  • DZ Dayz
  • Ring the Bell
  • DZ Directory


Issue 87


  • APF Direction
  • Aussies and the Makgadikgadi
  • The Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships
  • Girls Go Large @ Toogoolawah
  • Ladies Learn to Fly
  • Parabatics CRW
  • 4-Way Blast Off
  • Aussies Big-Ways Road to 150-way
  • The APF Loadmaster
  • IAD - Instructor Assisted Deployment
  • Safety Matters
  • R.I.P. Adrian Lloyd
  • 4W4E1 - Elderslie
  • 4W4E1 - Byron Bay
  • DZ Dayz
  • RIng the Bell
  • DZ Directory


Issue 86


  • Directors Direction
  • Cloud Break Boogie, Fiji
  • Picton 4-way Weekend
  • APF Conference & Awards
  • Focus Vertical Program
  • Funny Farm
  • Funny Farm Swoop Camp
  • PIA Symposium
  • APF Code of Ethics
  • Dekunu
  • Add another Elephant...
  • Safety Matters
  • Gear Tips
  • Canopy Collision Decisions
  • The Frequent iFlyer Programme
  • On The Air
  • DZ Dayz
  • Ring The Bell
  • DZ Directory

Past issues can be downloaded from the ASM Online Archives.

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